Today Was a Good Day

After the emotional vomit I spewed here yesterday, I’m happy to announce that today was a good day.

I didn’t sleep great and I was up too late, and Smiley is still fighting a cold and woke up a little earlier than usual, so I was pretty tired, but we had a great time together. I timed the day just right for meals and naps. I took him to the pet store to look at the fish (cheaper than the aquarium and much closer). We went to the toy store and played in the house together. There were tantrums and bumps and such, but we got past them.

He enjoyed looking at pictures on my iPod of the Writer and me (and himself). He’s making amazing progress. He knows so many words and sounds and body parts (that last part sounds weird, but parents know what I mean). And he’s starting to climb and be more confident in his abilities. He is communicating well (generally–I mean, he is only 16 months old!).

I am so proud of him. A friend of mine teases me that she’s never seen a mother so in love with her child. And it’s true: I am head over heels. He is my world. And I’m so thankful for days like today.



2 responses to “Today Was a Good Day

  1. Awww! Hooray for good days!

  2. Good days can fuel you for so long. I love it! Thanks for reading my blog too!

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