Wordy Wednesday

I was going to post a “wordless” Wednesday post, but there’s a reason my boy speaks so many words at his age: I talk a lot. So here’s my wordy Wednesday post.

I love those feet. I love to put them in my mouth and pretend to eat them. I love to blow raspberries on them. I love to see my boy smile and giggle and laugh when I do that. I love the legs those feet are attached to.

I recently read a line in a book where a woman lamented that her daughter no longer had “baby feet.”

God, I love those baby feet. The extra little chubbiness. The soft, soft skin. How he tries to grip things with his toes. How he uses them to climb on me.

Tonight I got to play with the legs those feet are attached to. The chubby little thighs. So cute and soft and such little baby legs. But the baby now walks and climbs and even runs on those legs. He looks like a little boy at times.

But he’ll always be my baby.

Trying to write an anonymous blog but wanting to show off pictures of my boy is tough, so you’ll probably see a bunch of pictures of those feet. Until they are no longer cute baby feet, anyway. ;)

One response to “Wordy Wednesday

  1. such a cute picture! baby feet are kind of awesome, i must agree! but then when they are gone, there are so many NEW awesome things you get to enjoy! you just wait!
    it’s almost as much fun watching you discovering your son as it is to watch a kid discovering their world :)

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