Not Such a Good Day

My baby’s been sick this week, with a fever and runny nose and a cough. He was with his dad for the worst night, which was tough. I have to trust the ex. He was in great spirits yesterday and back to good health. Or so I thought.

Today he was out of sorts and not eating well. He had an early nap and then I noticed a rash all over his torso and back. (Does “torso” include back? Nevermind.) I started to panic and get very upset. This is when my situation sucks the most.

When Smiley was sick at his dad’s house, I went over there to try to help. After Smiley fell asleep, I left. Then I got word that if he wasn’t sleeping, he was crying. I asked the ex if he wanted me to come over and he told me that his mother was there.

Today, when this rash popped up, I called The Writer. He was in the middle of traffic and couldn’t pick up. I called a good girlfriend (who also happens to be a single mom) and she reassured me and talked me out of going to urgent care. I needed someone to bounce stuff off. I left a message for the advice nurse and started looking things up on the Internet. (Smiley’s dad is out of town for the weekend and he has a habit of not answering his phone or even forgetting it.)

By the time the nurse called back, I had a possible diagnosis, and she confirmed it. A virus that will run its course. Nothing I can really do.

I’m so grateful for my friends. I don’t really think I could do the single(ish) mom thing without them. Today was rougher than others, with Smiley being fussy and sick, and our plans being canceled because of that. It was particularly hard because I didn’t have much adult interaction (the clerk at CVS wasn’t all that talkative). I talked to my girlfriend and The Writer for a few minutes each, but that’s it. (Oh, and the advice nurse. Woohoo!)

I’m definitely in danger of feeling sorry for myself. I’m exhausted and worried. I miss my man. He’s in town this weekend but with his wonderful daughter. We spent about 30 minutes together yesterday, and that’s all we’ll have until next weekend. I am thankful for any time we see each other, but sometimes it’s harder to have such a small taste than to be completely denied.

This is just some exhausted ramblings, because you are my friend tonight and I am unloading. Thanks for listening.


5 responses to “Not Such a Good Day

  1. Hang in there and get some rest. Sometimes the weekends without the adult interaction are a blessing in disguise.

  2. Chin up, Mama. It is nice to have good friends and family. I don’t think I could do it either without those few that are in my life. Don’t allow yourself to go there because it’s easy to drown if you do. Today is better than yesterday; tomorrow will be better than today.

  3. Yes! It’s always tough to reach out as a single mom and ask for help.. but it’s necessary sometimes! I’m glad all is okay with your baby.

    Hang in there!

  4. ((hugs)) I hope your baby feels better soon!! And I am glad you reached out, even if it felt like a tough thing to do.

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