What a Weekend!

As much as I miss Smiley when he is with his dad, there are advantages to co-parenting and sharing custody.

The Writer and I had time together this weekend for the first time in a month. Thirty-six hours of uninterrupted time! Just the two of us! It was wonderful. We had a casual dinner out on Friday night, giving us time to catch up and talk. There were so many silences, though, because we were too busy grinning cheesily at each other, happy to be together again.

We slept in on Saturday and bummed around the house a little, then we spent a romantic evening at a gorgeous boutique hotel. They have a wine reception each evening, which gave us more time to talk and reminisce about the two other times we stayed there, once when I was hugely pregnant. It’s a special place for us, and a great way to get out of our normal routine (well, when we have a normal routine).

We enjoyed the reception and then we got all dressed up (me in a dress, he in a jacket and tie!) and went to a little fish & chips joint where we overloaded on grease and I got to have some tasty English cider. (No matter that I can get it in cans at my supermarket; it’s still nice to be able to have it out and about!) And yes, that’s The Writer’s hand in the pic!

We opened a bottle of wine at the hotel and talked some more and toasted each other and our time together. And enjoyed our wine and our time and each other.

The morning was a little rough–the hotel screwed up our breakfast and we didn’t get to eat–but we got over it. I dropped him off at his place and he went to spend the day with his awesome daughter.

I headed out to meet with some girlfriends and go to a wine festival. Sample tweet: “Wine festival with my girls. So flipping drunk it’s embarassing.” And it was true. (And even misspelled.) I hadn’t eaten much that morning (see above: hotel screwed up our breakfast), and I wanted to make my $40 entrance fee worth it. And I did. Wow.

I hadn’t had that much to drink in a long time. I didn’t get sick, but I am not really sure how I managed to fight it off. I’m still a bit embarrassed by the whole thing. I had to hang out at my girlfriend’s house for a few hours to sober up before I could drive home, and even then I was pretty much done for the evening. Thankfully The Writer doesn’t mind just chilling on the couch with me.

But I talked about it this morning with The Writer and the BFF, and there’s no reason for me to feel ashamed. I’m (well) over 21. I had a designated driver. I waited for a long time before I drove. And Smiley was with his dad. I don’t get rip-roaring drunk every weekend–or even every year. (The last time I think I was close to this drunk was probably my first wedding anniversary–hmm, maybe that was a sign–over four years ago.) I have the occasional glass of wine or other drink, but I rarely drink to oblivion or to the point where my faculties are impaired. And I did it responsibly.

So, overall, it was a fantastic weekend. I wouldn’t have been able to have the same great experiences if I were still married to the ex (for various reasons!) or if I didn’t trust that Smiley was in good hands.

I miss my boy like crazy, but my friends and my boyfriend more than made up for it this weekend!


10 responses to “What a Weekend!

  1. I, too, miss my kids when they’re with their dad but co-parenting does give me some “ME time” without guilt :) Awesome weekend!

  2. I am so glad you had an awesome weekend! Sounds pretty much like mine, just simple and awesome and lots of time with M. And lots of wine too…though perhaps not quite as much as you hehe! I loved that tweet, made me giggle :)

  3. Glad you had a good weekend!

  4. The ME time is fantastic but what I’m enjoying now is the joint time with Monkey and the Boyfriend. Loved reading about your weekend. :)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend and well deserved! No need to apologize for tying one on! :)

  6. Looks like your weekend was a blast. I also miss my daughter when she’s with her dad on weekends, but I do enjoy the “me” time I get. As what Soccer Mom said, yes, without the guilt and paranoia :).

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