30-Day Food Challenge

Kate over at Swoopy Loopy and I were talking about my new weight loss goals, and she had a good suggestion.

Wait…before I get into that, let me back up.

After I realized I had so much weight to lose, The Writer and I started talking about how to get to my goal. We began to talk about “rules” that I would live by that would help me. Then he realized that I have a really nasty habit of beating myself up over little things, so if I break a rule, I’ll probably start a backslide and get upset and the whole thing would go out the window. So here are the “objectives” we came up with the other night:

  • Salad for lunch 5 days/week
  • French fries once/month
  •  Diet soda once/week
  • 90 minutes of exercise/week
  • Breakfast every day
  • Alcohol only on the weekends

Not bad objectives to strive for. In general, I’ll also pay attention to portion control, eating more veggies, and sticking to low-calorie and healthy snacks when I snack.

So Kate and I were chatting online yesterday, and before I got a chance to tell her my objectives, she had a really cool suggestion: We should try to cut out one “bad” food per month. For some reason, I am really excited about this idea! (Excited about dieting??? That just doesn’t seem right!)

So here we go:

For the month of November, no fried food. This one will be especially tough on the weekends for me when I have Smiley, because the drive-through is so useful on those busy days, especially when he’s napping in the car and I’m hungry. [I might make a little exception when The Writer and I are in the Caribbean over Thanksgiving (YAY!), but I’ll still be aware of portion control and not overdo it. And I will be sure to get back on track when we get back home.]

We’ll each blog once a week about the challenge and link to each other’s posts.

We have already planned some other challenges for future months, but we are taking suggestions!

If you’d like to join us or have any suggestions, let me know in the comments or write your own post and link back, so we can add you to the blogroll.

14 responses to “30-Day Food Challenge

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  2. i am oddly excited as well… let’s hope we are still excited by November 20th haha :)

  3. I’m going to try the breakfast every day thing, too. I’ve never been a breakfast eater so this will be tough…

  4. This is a great challenge and way to start! these are totally doable goals too…alcohol on weekends is tough, not gonna lie. I try to do that too but sometimes I do need an extra glass of wine here and there ;-) Another good one you might want to add at some point: get a pedometer and aim for 10K steps a day. This can be anything, walking around your house etc. A good rule of thumb!

    • Yeah, tonight is date night, which is always nicer with a glass of wine…that guideline might have to go out the window soon! Maybe just make it only alcohol 2 nights/week.

      I used to have a really decent pedometer and make sure to get my 10K, but I lost it some time ago. I would walk laps around the conference room while my Lean Cuisine heated up. :)

  5. I’m excited too! I even started a blog of my own.

    I linked back to your blog (hope you don’t mind) and also your 30-day food challenge post. Not sure if I did either of them right, I’m still learning how to navigate WordPress!

  6. Oh! Here’s my blog!

  7. Sorry – I’m still working on figuring things out! I’m glad you found it! Now how do I add a blogroll?!

  8. Woohoo! Good for you girlie:-)

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