The Lifestyles, They Are A-Changin’

I have been following my new guidelines for a week now, and I’ve actually made progress. I haven’t had soda or alcohol in more than a week. The last fried food I ate was a week ago. I had salad for lunch each workday last week. I’ve added more veggies into my diet. I’m drinking much more water.

I haven’t done so well on the exercise part, but at work I took the stairs most of the week instead of the elevator.

One reason I’ve been able to stay on track is having people like you to support me. If I’m having a bad day, I’ll hop onto Twitter and get good feedback. Knowing you all are out there reading this and cheering me on is so helpful!

And so I’m happy to report to you that by just making a few changes to my “lifestyle,” I have…

<drumroll please>

lost 5.5 pounds!

That’s 10% of my goal!

When I realized how many pounds I needed to lose, I said to The BFF, “Maybe I should think of it as 10 5-pound chunks.” Well, one down, nine to go!

And to think, all that weight dropped just by making some dietary changes. Now, when I add in exercise, it’ll just keep happening. I took a walk with Smiley and chased him around the playground today, and I have a pilates class this week.

Obviously I don’t expect that kind of dramatic loss regularly–I’ll be happy if I can steadily drop one pound a week–but a big loss like that is a great way to jump start this venture.

Next weekend will be challenging. I’m visiting a great friend of mine, and when we get together, we tend to eat and shop and eat. I’ll do my best to stick to my no fried foods rule, but I can’t promise that a bite of fried Twinkie won’t find its way into my belly.

But I think I’ll appreciate it more, since it will be a treat rather than an expectation.

My partner in crime, Kate, is also seeing results! Yay!

12 responses to “The Lifestyles, They Are A-Changin’

  1. Yay!! Congrats on the weight loss and I am so glad the Twitter/FB support is helpful. I call it Twitter accountability, whenever I need a boost or to make sure I get out there and do a workout I say I will do, knowing I said it on Twitter helps me do it ;-)

  2. impressive!! and really inspiring! It’s crazy how all the little things add up!! i need to figure out that exercise part too… blah.

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  4. Good for you, way to go!

  5. Look at you go! So excited for you.

    And yes, typically the larger amount of weight is dropped early and then it’ll get down to 1-3 lbs a week. Be patient though because those 2 lbs here and there add up! Yay for you!

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  7. That is awesome, congrats! What did you think of pilates? I have been debating signing up for a class.

    • I love it! The studio I go to is pretty expensive, but I’ve gotten pretty personal attention. It doesn’t feel like a workout, but I’m sore the next day (or two). And I focus so much on the movements and muscles that I can’t really think about my problems and my life, which is kind of nice. :)

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  10. That’s amazing, well done! Keep it up! The weight loss does eventually slow down, but don’t lose faith, if you give up it is so hard to get back into the healthy eating and excercising! Trust me. A few tips that helped me is making sure you are stocked up on healthy but tasty snacks and also building up muscle like doing squats and lunges helps to speed up your metabolism. Apparently. I’m not an expert but I talk to my friends at the gym a lot! Good luck.

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